Naval Support Activity-PC


Mar 1-2​ E-BRC

      Mar 17-18 (weekend)

May 3-4 E-BRC


​Feb 1

Apr 5

Jun 7

NSAPC offers motorcycle training courses at no cost to all personnel attached to NSAPC or a tenant command. While these course are for active duty personnel, dependents, retirees, DoD and NAF personnel are allowed to attend on a Space Available (Wait-list) basis.

To Enroll or check dates:visit your ESAMS account. If you do not have an ESAMS account, but do have a CAC, visit If you do not have a CAC, contact the base safety office. Located in the same building as the Gym and Public Works, or (850) 230-7281.

NOTE: If you enroll and are not able to attend you must dis-enroll no less than 72hrs prior to start of class, or be marked absent. Active Duty no-show personnel will be reported as UA.

DIVE SCHOOL/EOD Students must contact your Safety Officer:

NSAPC:  Gary Snyder at 850-235-5258

Eglin AFB: Ame Andera

Basic Riders Course(BRC) classes are conducted on base. Class will meet in Bldg 126, Training Room.

Re-certification: BRC2  and Advanced Riders Course (ARC) are also available.

Classes begins at 0700.


BRC: 28-29 Jan (Bldg 126, across hall from NOFF)

ARC: 2 Feb (Shaddai Shrine 1101 W. 19th st.)

BRC2: 25 Feb (Post Office Parking lot)

BRC: 11-12 March (Bldg 126, across hall from NOFF)

ARC: 6 Apr (Shaddai Shrine 1101 W. 19th st.)

BRC2: 8 Apr (Post Office Parking lot)

BRC: 13-14 May (Bldg 126, across hall from NOFF)

ARC: 8 Jun (Shaddai Shrine 1101 W. 19th st.)

BRC2: 10 Jun (Post Office Parking lot)

Panama City Motorcycle Training/Ride 2 Wheels

Tyndall AFB

Tyndall AFB  offers Basic and Advanced motorcycle training classes at no cost to: all 325th FW personnel and tenant commands at Tyndall AFB.

** DoD Civilians, NAF personnel, dependents,  and retirees may attend on a Space-Available basis at a reduced cost ($20 off course chosen)

Seats  not filled by Active Duty personnel will be filled by Space-A on first enrolled-first seated basis. Walk-ins will fill any remaining seats. Payment will be collected on the day of class.

To Enroll  visit:

NOTE: Active Duty personnel: if class is full, sign up via the Space-A list. Then contact us at, to ensure that we know that you are Active Duty. In the event that there are any cancellations, you will be contacted in the order of enrollment.

Due to mission requirements: until further notice, all motorcycle safety classes will be held at our Panama City location. visit 'Contact' page for address and directions

-Classes begin at 0700hrs.

Classes must have a minimum of 4 enrolled ( combined active and Space-A enrollment) 72hrs prior to class or class will be cancelled. (0700hrs on Sunday preceding class)

ATTENTION: Beginning with the March 1-2 class: -Weekday classes will be provided in the E-BRC format

-3rd Weekend classes will be conducted in the standard-in person format.         SEE COURSES PAGE FOR MORE

NOTE: Upon enrollment this becomes an appointed place of duty. It is your responsibility to inform your chain of command.  Cancellations must be made no less than 72hrs prior to the start of class. Late cancellations and no-shows will be reported to the Wing Commander via Ground Safety.