The  Skills Improvement course is a 4-5 hour class for riders who already have basic skills and endorsment. Similar to the BRC except speeds are higher and you should be on 'your own' motorcycle. An excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing riding skills. Includes an informal classroom component for discussing safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge.

This course helps a student become more comfortable and more skilled  while on their own motorcycle, it also qualifies the rider for a discount on insurance for many companies.

COST $100 Skills Improvement is conducted in the afternoon after the completion of a BRC.       

PAST PCMT/ R2W students get 50% off.

Student must provide:

​- Street legal motorcycle

- Proof of Insurance

- Long sleeved shirt or jacket

- Long pants

- Full fingered gloves

- Over the ankle footwear

- DOT approved helmet

- Eye protection (Face shield, riding glasses, or goggles) WIND SHIELDS ARE NOT SUFFICIENT.

Skills Improvement (SI)

(intermediate level)

Basic Riders Course (BRCu)

First Gear is a 2-3 hour class conducted as needed. It is conducted in a semi-formal relaxed environment. Students will be introduced to:

- Riding Gear what is for, what is required in Florida, and what is recommended.

- Standard controls on a motorcycle: what they are and what they are used for.

- Operating the motorcycle , including:

       - Starting and stopping the motor

       - operating the clutch, gear shifter, and the throttle.

       - Walking the motorcycle using the power of the engine.


COST: $50              

               If student decides to continue and enroll in a BRC, a portion of the cost of First Gear will be

                deducted from the cost of the BRC. BRC must be taken within 6 months of completingFirst Gear.

​     First Gear classes may be conducted in Lynn Haven, Panama City, or in Bristol.

               Panama City classes are scheduled to start between 7AM and 8AM on days in which R2W does not have other obligations.

               Bristol classes are schedule to start on Sunday after the completion of a BRC. 

First Gear

The UBBRC is an extension of the Skills Improvement course, approximately 5-hour riding course 

The exercises focus on limited-space maneuvers, modeled after police training courses.

Exercises progressively become more challenging, allowing rider to  develop smooth and precise control and learn more about the limits of your abilities and your bike's capability.

Rider must bring a valid motorcycle license /endorsement, and an insured/registered/street-legal motorcycle.

Cost $100 (returning students get %50 off)

Skills Practice is a riding portion only option. This option may be applied to:

BRC or 3-Wheel BRC so long as the student has a motorcycle endorsement.  Ideal for those who are transitioning from 2 to 3 wheels.

Select this discount option at check out and receive a discount.


Ride 2 Wheels

Private BRC Cost: $500 (up to 2 persons)
                            $220 each for 3 persons
                            Standard pricing for 4 or more students

Advanced Rider

Course (ARC)u


3-Wheel Basic Riders Course  (3WBRC)


Visit 'schedule/Requirements'  tab for information about safety equipment requirements

For more information about these courses and others, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's website at 

The 3-Wheel Basic Riders Course (3W-BRC) is similar to the (2-wheeled) Basic Riders Course (BRC) in the subjects which are covered, BUT is specific to 3-wheeled motorcycles.

Visit  the 3-Wheel page  for more information.


Personalized class

Skills Practice

Panama City Motorcycle Training/

Basic Bike Bonding Rider Course

A personalized class can be conducted under certain conditions:

- student is unable to successfully complete BRC. A personalized course of instruction may be created to help student obtain the skills to successfully pass riding test. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that any student will pass test, even after remedial coaching.

NOTE: student must attend entire  formal BRC to qualify for motorcycle endorsement.

-Student(s) desires more instruction specific to their needs.

COST: $50 PER HOUR, (plus $200 if not conducted in coordination with an other scheduled course)



or 3

The BBBRC is an approximately five-hour riding course designed to help you develop basic riding skills, and to allow a new rider to become more comfortable on a motorcycle before purchasing one of their own, 

Exercises focus on a variety of cornering skills and limited-space maneuvers. By the end of the course, you should be able to handle a motorcycle well enough to negotiate normal street and traffic situations.

Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use.

Student must have a valid motorcycle permit or license endorsement.

IDEAL Progression: Student completes BRC, obtains a motorcycle endorsement, then participates in BBBRC withing 30 days.

The Basic Riders Course is a 13-15 hour course, consisting of 5 hours of classroom academics and  10 hours on the range operating a motorcycle.

Click HERE for a maps.

While this course is designed for the novice, most experienced riders can still gain some knowledge about riding

Course inform students about:

-Types of Motorcycles and their abilities

-Riding gear and it purposes

-Basic motorcycle controls and how to operate them

-Traffic navigation

- Basic techniques to operate the motorcycle  including:   Starting, stopping, and turning including hazard avoidance. 

Students will be tested on their knowledge and their skills. 

Cost $180

A one-day course (5-8hrs) that complements and builds on skills developed in the BRC and BRC2 (Skills Practice)

This course includes academic interspersed between riding exercises.

Academics reiterate safety awareness from previous courses, delve into self awareness and risky behavior, along with motorcycle characterisitics and how they affect riding in various situations.

Range exercises enhance both basic operating skills and crash/ obstacle avoidance skills in a variety of Paths of Travel. Improving your braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle.


Student must provide:

-Motorcycle: motorcycle must be street legal and pass T-CLOCS. If student is borrowing motorcycle, either owner must be present to authorize use, or a notorized letter authorizing use in ARC must be provided. letter must include: make, model, and VIN.

-DOT approved helmet: must pass visual inspection

-Eye protection: Face shield or glasses

-Long pants: must be in good repair, No bell bottoms

-Long sleeves: shirt or jacket (consider temperature)

-Over the ankle footwear (boots recommended)

-FULL Fingered gloves

COST $100