3-Wheels: Unfortunately,  we no longer have access to any 3-wheeled motorcycles and are not able to provide training for these types of motorcycles



 6 months to a year ago

Snell Memorial Foundation (www.smf.org)



Someone else


Hi, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed taking the BRC with you as my instructor. Your enthusiasm and expertise made me comfortable, even though I had never gotten on a motorcycle before. I'm excited about possibly getting a bike, if eventually it is possible financially.. Galen P.

My husband and I think you are a great teacher, understanding and awesome, and thanks to the way you taught him some of the maneuvers y'all taught him has gotten him outta a couple tricky situations.   Amanda M.

Thank y'all so much for being awesome and we definitely recommend y'all to anyone seeking a class

I just wanted to thank you and Walter for introducing me to motorcycle riding...I love it!. v/r  Richard J.

I thought that being required to take this course was just another way to get my money, but recently the skills I learned by taking the Basic Riders Course saved my life. Class is  well worth the cost.  Robert

The guy is passionate about what he does. Ask him anything about motorcycles and he will help you out. I really enjoyed the class. Artem

This is a great group of coaches to learn from! I was a first time rider with no driving experience and a lot of anxiety. Thanks to their patience and skill building exercises I now have my motorcycle endorsement. I am looking forward to taking an advanced skills class to further my abilities. Thank you to all of the Ride2wheels coaches. Audrey

ALL Rider Coaches at Ride 2 Wheels and Panama City Motorcycle Training are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Florida Rider Training Program

PCMT Rider Coaches are all Disabled Veterans

TheFIRST GEAR course is recommended for those that are unsure, but the Basic Riders Course (BRC) is always an option.

Less than 1 year or just got my bike


Q. Are you absolutely sure are you that you want to ride a motorcycle?

Q. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle before?

  I ride regularly (at least once a month)

 More than a year ago (getting back into riding)

Motorcycle Training for the Central  and Eastern Panhandle, Lower Alabama, and Southwest Georgia est. 2006


Classes in Bristol are suspended until further notice. Panama City location is Open for Business


 Q. Do you have a motorcycle endorsement (license)?

PCMT/ R2W offers many courses for those who think they may want to learn to ride, to those who have been licensed for decades. WHICH COURSE DO YOU NEED?

Lets find out:

Ride 2 Wheels is a subsidiary of Panama City Motorcycle Training, for locations outside Bay County, Florida.

Panama City Motorcycle Training/Ride 2 Wheels

Q. When is the last time you  rode a motorcycle?

More than 5 years

You can either learn to ride a bicycle then come back or take a 3-Wheel Basic Riders Course (3W-BRC).


Q. Are you able to ride a bicycle?

 Q. How long have you had your license?/ been riding?



PCMT does not recommend entering into an activity like motorcycling due to someone else's  desires. MOTORCYCLING IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY

But, if you feel you must try, we recommend taking the FIRST GEAR course first, just to be sure.



Q. Who wants you to learn to ride a motorcycle?